Coronaplague and 5G

Turd in the punch bowl

I read some discussion over at Jim’s blog about discrediting inconvenient truths by surrounding them with obvious and blatant ridiculousness, thus enabling dismissal of the whole thing as a "conspiracy theory," rendering the truth kernels harmless. This is the "turd in the punch bowl" mechanism, where the truth (punch) is made noxious by the addition of a turd in the bowl (insane "conspiracy theory"). This turd-punch is then broadcast by Cathedral megaphones, causing anyone who listens to the original truth to immediately associate it with the "conspiracy theory" and dismiss it. Mission accomplished for the Cathedral.

Was there ever a link between 5G and corona?

When the Coronaplague thing was getting started in Europe, I remember seeing some troubling news reports that Coronaplague infection clusters were forming in areas that were in the process of installing, or had recently installed, 5G networking equipment. Add to this the fact that, over the previous year, China’s surprising lead in 5G-technology platforms had caught the Atlantic Empire with its pants down, and various Fiveeyes and satellites were considering banning or restricting Chinese 5G suppliers, Huawei in particular, on "national security" grounds. Canada even went as far as arresting Huawei’s princess Meng Wanzhou.(1) India is guilty of this too, but for us China actually is a national security concern.

So the thought was in my mind that since the Chinese were the source of Coronaplague, and since Chinese companies were at the forefront of, or highly involved in, 5G installations, it was likely that those sites could emerge as Coronaplague hot-spots. Chinese workers carrying Coronaplague had been allowed to work on international sites, while China itself had a domestic travel ban. What a scandal!

5G -> Chinese company -> Chinese workers -> Coronaplague

The thing is so obvious it speaks for itself. We can argue all day long whether China deliberately sent Coronaplague-infected workers to install/supervise 5G or whether this was just honest incompetence on their part, but the result was the same: coronaplague in newly-5Gfied areas. The punch was complete. And it tasted like logic.

Attack of The Turd

Of course the Mandarins couldn’t let this be! Out comes the turd: a gaggle of shills started the story that 5G itself causes coronaplague due to some insane mumbo-jumbo about radiation and the immune system. It reminded me of all those people getting cancer from power lines. It was endorsed by at least one "Nobel" laureate (an Atlantic shill if there was ever one) no less.(2) This turd-y story was then put on full blast by "alternative media" shills, and greatly amplified by Cathedral megaphones through ridicule. The entire issue became so radioactive that mere mention of coronaplague and 5G in the same sentence became enough to subject one to ridicule. Definitely low-status to believe 5G radiation causes coronaplague. Please ignore those Chinese 5G towers that magically appeared overnight and were definitely not installed by Chinamen, especially not by coronaplague infected Chinamen. That’s just a conspiracy theory. And it is also racist.

The brain-rot was so deep that even Jim’s commenters were circumspect about the 5G -> Coronaplague link. See? I did it again!

Congratulations to whoever executed this marvellous disinfo op. You’re a legend!

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