Why I don’t post much about Indian politics

A dissident right view on Indian politics is impossible within the Indian Constitutional frame. As much as the American “Constitution” is worthless garbage written by disloyal traitors and proto-SJWs (“All men are created equal?” Really!?), the Indian “Constitution” is worse in every way. It is not merely adharmic, but actively the opposite of dharmic, and fights ethics and morality every step of the way.

The fact that India is able to run, as a country, at all, is because of the deep roots that Dharma has in our blood, and blood is thicker than ink. This is similar to how the USA was able to become the greatest country in the world despite an idiotic “Constitution” because of its reliance on Anglo constitution (with a small ‘c’) based in English Law.

As such, any politics within the Constitutional structure is destined to be evil and adharmic, and only evil and adharmic men can be expected to succeed at it. Some are less evil than others, but all are in the same boat. Even Modi recognised this fact very early on that it is actually impossible to have a workable family life and succeed in Indian politics, so had to throw out his wife to reduce his liabilities. While his gamble was successful, he made an extreme personal sacrifice in not having anything called “family” for himself, and will die alone. Modi, Vajpayee, even Yogi, are all in the same boat. This kind of kamikaze resistance for the sake of only slowing down the leftist onslaught is absolutely not going to accomplish anything in the long run.

If you are from a Hindu elite caste (by mind, even if not by birth), the best thing you can do is breed. Produce 4 kids, and plant the seeds of dharma in their mind. If you feel you can do nothing, just pray to Shri Ram, let others take the lead, and just don’t help the enemy.

I keep quiet on Indian politics because to be truthful I have to criticise Modi and Yogi time and time again. If this were not Kaliyuga, that criticism would be taken constructively for the betterment of society. But since this is Kaliyuga, my criticism will be used by the enemies of Bharat to attack Modi, which I’m not willing to let happen. Modi is a million times better than his alternative. But then again, if I unconditionally support Modi I’m surrounded by the despicable swine right, who are basically Marxists who hate Muslims. Their dream is of a Marxist Utopia for them rather than for miscellaneous Muslims, other castes, etc. Rather like “white supremacist” losers in the USA. So I mostly just keep to myself.

Jai Shree Ram.

International congratulations for Biden/Harris “victory” are premature?


What’s the significance of this? The Guardian, for example, is already spinning it as more "evidence" that Trump is China’s candidate. Taking heat off Biden?

Or are the Chinese, watchful as ever, just being cautious?

Modi had to congratulate Kamala Harris, a half Tamil Brahmin (such is the seculars’ power in India), and thus Biden also (even though I now think that was a mistake). China is under no such compulsion.

Guardian view

Trump is compromised by CCP, thus CCP wants him in power indefinitely.

My prior

Biden/Harris are corrupt candidates who are already compromised by CCP. Thus them getting into power will be of overall benefit to China, especially as Harris has specifically denounced the Sino-American trade war. Also, more heat on Russia also helps to deflect heat away from China, which they can use while consolidating South China Sea assets, for example.


Why is China not appearing gung-ho about Biden, then?

Guardian answer

Because they’re butthurt about their favourite candidate losing ("China’s doggy" is the term of choice here, which mutated from "Putin’s doggy").

My answer

  • Possibility #1:

If CCP has the goods on Trump but not Biden, they would absolutely try their best to help Trump to power. However, I don’t see how not congratulating Biden helps Trump in any way, while making him look bad.

  • Possibility #2:

If it’s Biden who’s the compromised candidate, however, then CCP must be internally happy right now. The only reason I can think of about them holding off the celebrations is that they fear Trump may still have a route to power, and if they attack him now, they might face twice the vengeance later.

This came to mind because of commentator @bjorn over at Jim’s blog, regarding Netanyahu’s "congratulations" to Biden being tantamount to a betrayal of Trump. Bolsonaro, for example, is silent. So is Erdogan. So is, surprisingly, Mexico’s Socialist AMLO. He has categorically stated that he will issue congratulations only once all legal issues have been settled. There was little need for Netanyahu to possibly put his foot in his mouth (no idea about Israeli inside baseball).

Coming to Modi, even given the historic nature of an actual Brahmin reaching the highest echelons of power, I believe Modi has made a grave mistake. If Trump comes back, India’s foreign policy gains against China stand to be wiped out. Especially given that a Biden/Harris administration would be very likely to help Pakistani interests due to partisan compulsions, and also Chinese interests indirectly, it made absolutely no sense for Modi to prematurely endorse congratulate them on their "spectacular victory." This is what we get for "right wing" these days.

Happy Dussehra!

A very, very Happy Dussehra to all my Hindu brothers, and friends!

Today, we commemorate our God and Eternal King Sri Ramchandra’s victory over the demon King Ravana in Lanka. I pray that we may also achieve victory over our own demons, whether inner or outer. With the blessings of God-King Sri Ram and the guidance of his arch-devotee and servant Sri Hanuman the Immortal, we shall be victorious!

The story of Sri Ram, called Ram Leela, is enacted all over India, in villages and towns and cities. This is the Ram Leela, as enacted on stage in his native Ayodhya, in 2020:

This year is doubly special because it marks the beginning of re-construction of the grand Temple in Ayodhya, dedicated to Sri Ram. Also, the National Channel, Doordarshan, in an era of anti-national channels, recovered its roots and re-telecast Sri Ramananda Sagar’s Epic 80s TV series Ramayan, on TV during COVID lockdown, to the great spiritual succour of the Nation. The stream of Ram Leela from Ayodhya is also courtesy Doordarshan, who telecast it live, and have also uploaded it to YouTube for international viewers. A big thanks to all the people involved in the production and telecast.

A special note: The character of Sri Hanuman in Ayodhya Ram Leela is played by actor and reality-TV star Sri Vindu Dara Singh, who is the son of famous wrestler, sportsman, and politican Late Sri Dara Singh, who played the same character in the original 80s TV series on Doordarshan. Our blessings and prayers for you, sir! You made your father and the entire country proud.

Jai Siya Ram!

Hello, world!

It is traditional to start with a brief statement about oneself. Here’s all that’s needed for this blog:

I believe Sri Ramchandra is the Lord and Eternal King, who is at once an immortal avatar of Sri Vishnu as well as a mortal who was born in Ayodhya that lies on the bank of the Saryu river, and died by immersing himself into the same river; who united the country from the Himalayas in the North to Lanka in the South, and whose sons and descendants conquered lands to the West (Hindu-Kush mountains are named after his son Sri Kush) and East (there is New Ayodhya in Thailand). I believe that Sri Ramchandra is the model of all just Kings, and Ram Rajya is the epitome of a just rule. I believe that his loyal servant Sri Hanuman, the immortal Monkey God, is the friend and guide of anyone who prays to Sri Ram, and the implacable enemy of those that would harm him.

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