No deal is possible with Adharma

Adharma, by its very nature, is deceitful. It has no compunction for lying or reneging on an agreement. In modern parlance, adharma is not "agreement capable." What it actually means is that adhams can and will lie towards their survival, and cannot be trusted farther than a ball and chain will let them.

Adharma is also cowardly. It doesn’t have courage in its convictions. It knows its beliefs are false and based on envy or greed or sloth, and all the verbiage it spews to justify its covetousness is just chaff[1]. It absolutely will not hesitate to disclaim its god and prophet under fear of death, because it has no real faith to speak of[2].

If Adharma approaches you, dear reader, with a "compromise" or a "deal," it surely means two things:

  1. That it is insincere in its declared intentions and is only buying time before it can attack. This is exemplified by the Treaty of Hudaibia by Baphomet himself, which promised the Sons of Cyrus in Mecca a 10 year peace, but was reneged on after only 2 years. This is blatant amongst Baphometans, whose "word" is not worth cutting out the tongue that says it (al-Taqqiya), but is also a feature of other, older, desert cults.

  2. That the Adharmic forces currently perceive themselves as weak and expect a summary defeat at current levels, thus attempting to buy time. This is a critical observation. Adharma will never sue for peace if there is a reasonable chance of its victory. Consqeuently, any attempt by Adharma to fight anything but a total war should be interpreted as a tell for its weak belly. Which, needless to say, should be torn open while Dharma has the upper hand.

Always remember, this is Kaliyuga, and Dharma will always fight a rearguard action against Adharma for a very, very long time. A just Samrat must ensure that Kali is banished from his samrajya, for as long as he is able to. Like Shri Maharaj Parikshit. Any victory against Adharma, however small, must be exploited to the fullest.

No one lives forever, so go forth and conquer! Vijayi Bhava!


[2] This is so egregious in adharmic cults that even their "holy" text has to put a lampshade on it[3].


Something is cooking in Rus

(My writing from elsewhere)

Reports from Rus indicate that domestically, Putin lives in a Turko-Mogol-Varangian multicultural la-la-land. Where Ingush have all the PhDs and Chechens all the testosterone. My friends (Indians ofc) were easily able to score Russian girls[1] while Russian boys have Krokodil to keep them company.

I would expect Rus Army to perform as badly as it has. Every A3OB soldier is twice the man a Chechen is, and ten times the man compared to a Rusboi. It breaks my heart that the Revolutionary Occupation Government in the Ukraine has turned so many towards their Anal Agenda. Major, major priestly failure in Russia when Anal Agenda mobilises Wolves for Total War but "God" cannot mobilise bears. Maybe "God" is working with the Anal Chosenites because he is their Father and not the Rusbois’?

Much of this is USSR heritage, and some is elite dysfunction. Putin might be aware of this and taking spiritual measures. Only time will tell if it was in time. Or maybe Putin should just give up and hand over the reins to Ramzan Kadyrov as his new buttboy Anglin creams his pants.[4]

PS: Putin attended the inauguration of the Moscow Jama Masjid,[2] but not the inauguration of Shoigu’s "Cathedral."[3] Something is cooking in Rus.

[1] One actually married a Russian girl and promptly brought her back to India because he felt Rus was too degenerate. She has two kids now and is very happy.



[4] …Anglin… just can’t help but have a deep respect for Ramzan Kadyrov. He is like something ripped out of ancient history – the Warrior King. He’s probably the closest thing to Conan you’re going to find on the earth.

A most singular occurrence

About Russian Ukraine


I have not been pleased with Modi’s handling of this episode. For all the crowing Indian diplocrats do about not getting to roll with the Big Boys in UN, etc., they have conclusively proven that they’re unfit for sitting anywhere but the bare floor which they currently occupy. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference on the world stage. It was like Fate actually handed Archimedes his desired lever and yet he couldn’t move the planet for lack of courage. While China, while falling prey to coronatarianism as well as trying to resurrect Zombie Marxism, has handled this in a passable way. In fact, I was surprised by the underperformance of China, giving me some hope on our standing vis-a-vis our powerful neighbour.

Divine guidance

It has been a trick of Jewish/Jew-adjacent psychoanalysts to convince Aryans of the existence of "internal monologue," "homunculus," "ego/id," and other such drivel. Christians also labour under the anti-concept of "conscience," while Jews proper do not harbour such delusions (until very recently, when Jews themselves have started being eaten by the monster they helped unleash, cf: matzpun).

If these phenomena are such integral parts of the human experience, how come none of the Ancients ever mention them? Not Vishnugupta, not Panini, not Bhaskara, not Homer, nor Plato? The simple answer is that they are diversions. Ancients acknowledge the existence of disembodied information that appears in our minds, but they recognise it for what it is: Divine guidance. When Achilles "speaks" to Apollo, it is a dialogue rather than "internal monologue" or some such crap. There is a possibility of demons using this to poison the mind of the Arya, of course, and many Mayavi demons explicitly have had this power. It is up to the mental fortitude of the Arya to interpret these commands as he may, in light of his Father’s, Ishtadeva’s, and Guru’s teachings.

I had a dream

In the dream I was visited by Vladimir Putin. He literally came to my village in a white helicopter that I thought looked like a Mi-17 that landed in a cleared field[1]. He was wearing a two-piece western suit with a white satin tie. I was dressed in winter formals as well, and I escorted him from the field to a great hall where some convention was going on. The hall and its decor felt very royalty-ish to me. There were ornate white columns, gold trimming and fixtures, and lots of people. It was like one of our Eastern palaces. At one point a plainly-dressed Baphometan accosted me aggressively while I was speaking to Mr Putin. I was getting angry at his insolence but then Mr Putin interjected and defused the tension of the situation. The cultist walked on and we resumed our conversation.

On the whole, I remember me being high-strung and angry at Mr Putin’s enemies’ audacity, while he was very calm and affable throughout. He laughed quite often. He also did not drink (there were wine glasses, but filled with clear liquid, possibly water). I think he had a glass of water. He seemed to make every effort to put me at ease, and made light of the severe problems he is facing.

I only remember some snippets of the conversation we had. We spoke in our native tongues, using a translator. While walking from the field to the hall, surrounded by guards, I remember angrily telling him that we will send our soldiers to fight in this war for him, and we would like to go ourselves too (translating from native language).[2]

Mr Putin put me at ease, assured me that while my offer of material support was greatly appreciated, it was not needed at this time. I felt like some hothead young King speaking to an unflappable, fatherly Emperor.

Afterwards I escorted him back to his helicopter, we bid farewell, and he flew off.

The morning after

I woke up very calm and refreshed. It was only after some time that recollection of the dream hit me like a tonne of bricks. After a whole day of wondering whether I should go to Russia and enlist, I remembered Mr Putin saying it wasn’t necessary at this time. So I decided to let it go. I’m just writing this up as a blog post so that I don’t forget it myself, for dreams do have a tendency to be lost.


Mr Putin has serious spiritual forces working for him, of that there is now no doubt in my mind. His personality radiated calmness and merely being in his company made great troubles seem trivial. Now that I think of it, Strider[3] is mentioned as having a similar effect. Even when waking up I felt very calm and refreshed. This fact strongly inclines me to believe that this was not the work of a Mayavi cacodaimon but rather a eudaimon.

Secondly, my mind has spiritual fortifications even when asleep. When I am assailed by nightmares I do not cower in fear but slay them. It is inconceivable that such an elaborate spiritual force could’ve broken into my mental fortress without permission and blessing from my Ishtadeva. Which means that my Ishtadeva and Mr Putin’s Patron are both aligned.

This has given me hope for Rus. While it is not certain that eudaimons will prevail, this being Kaliyuga after all, it surely gives Rus, and us, a fighting chance. I must learn to channel this great spiritual power and be ready when the call comes.

An aside

I now completely understand what Ramzan Kadyrov meant when he said he was "… a servant of Allah, and an infantryman of Putin, don’t confuse…"[4] Baphometans usually make it a point to proclaim that they’re "infantrymen of Allah" (Hizb-Allah), while Ramzan Akhmatovich specifically subverts that claim. Simply being near Mr Putin projects his spiritual force onto oneself. It also throws new light on accusations of Mr Putin not being a "real Christian," usually by butthurt Semites or Philosemites. I’ll put it this way: Vladimir Putin is as much a devout Christian as Ramzan Kadyrov is a devout Muslim. Something is cooking in Rus. I now want to visit the new Black Temple myself. Inaugurated by Shoigu, an ethnic man of the steppe, uncorrupted by Varangian or Baphometan insanity.

[1] In the morning I looked up pictures of the Russian Presidential Helicopter and there it was: the white Mi-8/Mi-17 with Russian colours and square windows. The spitting image of the aircraft from my dream. As I’ve never known about this (and found out about Russian Presidential IL-96 today too), I find it hard to believe this is a co-incidence.

[2] a) I have no soldiers to fight or send, and b) yes I did actually use the Royal "We." I now remember a silver "sun" emblem pinned to my lapel.

[3] Lord of the Rings: The hands of a king are the hands of a healer.


Usury, Mortgage, and Sharia Law, Part 2

(Part 1 here:

In the previous discussion we saw the birth of the landlord and serf from amongst farmers. Up to this point, wealth is primarily defined by physical resources, like food and clothing, and the primary repository of wealth, as well as primary source of its generation, is land. Land is thus the ultimate capital resource.

Moving forwards in time, the above efficiency has resulted in massive production, and lifted the population above subsistence level into relatively more comfortable existence, and many new varieties of goods have come into circulation. These are luxury goods, having little or even no intrinsic value compared to staple goods, but serving as indicators of status. The explosion in quantity and diversity of goods available for purchase makes it difficult to judge the relative value of each item. Indeed, whole professions arise whose sole raison d’etre is judging the value of specific goods. There is no telling how many sheep are worth a silk handkerchief.

Enter currency

Traders soon come to a realisation that some specific, fungible, infinitely divisible commodity is needed against which everything can be priced. This quickly leads to adoption of grain as a unit of trade. But the value density of grain is quite low, it is perishable, and is itself amenable to consumption, so not a very good store of value. More and more value-dense stores of value keep being tried, and all roads finally lead to GOLD. It is highly specific (being a chemical element), fungible (there is no useful difference between gold from various sources, beyond purity), and almost infinitely divisible (upto the atomic level, which is far, far beyond any practical consideration). It is also non-perishable (short of highly specific corrosives like aqua regia) and has almost no intrinsic value of its own.

The only problem remaining now is that verifying the quality and quantity of gold offered by a trader in exchange of goods, requires practically an alchemical laboratory to verify. While it is manageable in a marketplace where the traders all have individual reputation to protect, it makes trade with unknown parties, and thus long-distance trading, very difficult.

Gold merchants provide a solution: they create small pieces of gold, each of a known quality and weight, and bearing the seal of the merchant, as units of trade. Coinage has just been invented. These coins can be traded far and wide — wherever the reputation of the issuer holds, as easily as handing them over. In long distance trade, as when a Roman caravan came to India to buy black pepper, their Roman coins could simply be taken to the local coiner, who would examine their intrinsic quality, melt them down, and issue an equivalent in Indian coins that could be used on the market to buy pepper. Ancient money changing.

Royal coinage

To be noted is that coins and coinage is, till now, a purely mercantile activity. Taxes due to the Lords and King are still in terms of production quantities, whether grain, animals, milk, etc. Tax collectors see the coin revolution and conclude that it would be easier for them if taxes were levied in terms of standard coins rather than a bewildering array of products. Thus the King issues his own "Standard" coin, with his family seal on one face and the current King’s fascimilie on the other. This coin is only "Standard" as in requiring a certain weight and quality of gold, in a recognisable design. It is no different from a merchant’s coin of similar properties, or even a lump of gold. Its only special nature is that all tax payments have to be made using this coin, and all payments by the King are made using it. Thus its notional status is higher than other coins, and a recipient is wont to preserve his "Royal" coin as proof that the King himself once made him payment.

Royal coins indirectly gain the benefit of being accepted throughout the King’s lands. When the lands comprise varied geographical territories and vast distances (eg: Mauryan Empire), this becomes a very valuable attribute for transfer of value between merchants. There is now no need to find a common coin acceptable to multiple parties because the Royal coin is a permanent fallback.

Cheque/Letter of credit

As trade volumes and thus value multiply, even the amount of gold that must be transported keeps on increasing, becoming impractical from a bulk as well as security point of view. This is solved by a promissory note, called "Hundi" in Hindi and Gujarati. It is a document, bearing the seal of the issuer, that instructs the recipient to give the mentioned number of coins to the person indicated on the hundi. The beneficiary may be mentioned by name on the hundi, or it may simply be the bearer of the hundi. In a perfect balance of trade, no actual gold need be transported at all! Practically, the amount of coinage to be physically transferred is very small compared to the value of coins transacted, resulting in lower risks and costs, thus more profits all around.


By now the issuance of coinage, hundis, and letters of credit, and keeping ever-increasing records of all these transactions between merchants develops into a profession of its own, requiring a blend of accurate risk-assessment and meticulous honesty to succeed. These professionals are Mahajans (Sanskrit: Great Men), commonly called "Lala." They are Lords of great wealth, but their wealth is not in terms of land or other tangible assets, and there is no single store of wealth. Their wealth is distributed in the various letters and instruments of credit they issue to merchants. A Lala is the prototypical sole-proprietorship bank.

Agriculture and trade both are activities with an inherent speculative nature, possessing an element of risk that can only be hedged against, never eliminated. Lalas are skilled assessors of risk, and distribute their credit accordingly. As such, farmers and merchants alike approach them for funds in their times of need so that they may earn more and repay him. The Lala hedges his bet in assuming this credit risk: his loans are covered by the property at stake. Agricultural land against crop failure, merchant’s assets against trade failure. The more reputed the farmer or merchant, the more probability of him paying back his credit, the easier the conditions imposed upon him.

Now, I emphasise, is the point that Hindu banking diverges from Jewish banking as practiced today. All debts to the Lala are limited by the asset mortgaged to him. Catastrophic crop failure can maximally result in the title of the piece of land moving to the Lala. Catastrophic trade failure can maximally result in the traded asset moving to the Lala, or an equivalent part of the merchant’s assets. Finally, the insolvency or death of a debtor is deemed by Dharma to discharge all debts in life, and it is left to Karma to collect in the next birth. At no point does debt extend to the person of the debtor, or assume infinite liability upon him or his descendants. Even if a debt can be discharged by selling the person into slavery, it has to be the debtor himself who does it — the Lala cannot force recovery beyond what was initially agreed to in the mortgage. This game of banks speculating in real estate and business at the cost of farmers, householders, and merchants is completely Adharmic and is a poisonous system pioneered by Jews and enthusiastically spread by Christians (but not by Muslims). This is usury.

Usury and Sharia Law

Muslims err too far in the opposite direction, by outlawing usury they also outlaw any lending of coin at interest. This has the predictable result of a perpetual lack of capital for agriculture or business, while non-productive wealth proliferates in the coffers of Lords. Muslim businessmen have worked around many of the limitations of this ban, so it is partially mitigated, but not completely.

As an example, I take home mortgage. In Hindu banking, buying land on credit is backed by mortgaging the title to the land. In case of default, the title reverts to the Lala, and the amount paid to the Lala before the default is forfeit. Crucially, the Lala has no further claims upon the debtor. In case of land prices going catastrophically down, it may even make financial sense for the debtor to default and let the land move to the Lala. This is mitigated by loss of the debtor’s reputation, of course, and will hinder him from getting any future loans, but his liability is limited to the mortgaged asset. Lalas, on the other hand, will genuinely assess the actual value of the land and the debtor’s ability to pay — because predatory lending will result in him finally holding the bag. Unreliable people or poor quality assets will not get mortgages at all.

In Jewish banking, the debtor is liable in case of default, regardless of the movement in price of the asset. Essentially, the creditor has invested in real-estate in the expectation that the debtor will pay out. In case the investment is sound and the property appreciates, while the debtor defaults, foreclosure will net the creditor a handsome profit. If the property collapses in value, however, the debtor still remains personally liable for mortgage of a lemon. Essentially, the debt amount counts as a stop-loss for the creditor. This is a speculative investment where in case of profit the debtor needs to pay a fixed amount to the creditor to claim it else the creditor claims all of it; but in case of loss the debtor assumes the entire risk and still owes the fixed amount. This is a ridiculous arrangement that would be laughed out of any market, but somehow Jews made it work, and Christians have made it the dominant form of banking worldwide.

Muslim banking inverts the mortgage relationship into a landlord-tenant one. Accordingly, the initial title of the land rests with the creditor, who promises to 1) sell it to the debtor at an agreed price to be paid in parts over time, and 2) to let the debtor use the premises during that period in exchange for regular payments of rent. At the end of the period, the debtor has paid off the value of the asset to the creditor, and has also paid rent for the period he used the asset, so all business is squared off and the creditor transfers the title to the debtor, as promised. This is a very clean arrangement. It implicitly transfers the property risk to the creditor, as he is the one holding the title. In case of default, the debtor is deemed to be unable to pay rent and can be evicted, but that is the maximum extent of the law. If the property collapses in value, it may even make sense for the debtor to simply leave the premises and stop paying rent. This is functionally identical to Hindu banking[1], while also being (somehow) Sharia compliant.

[1] I don’t think this is a coincidence. Arabs are notoriously bad with money, and the Baphometan religion naturally destructive. Arabs had been outsourcing financing to their cousins the Jews before that relationship soured, then they turned to Hindus. The executive positions of Middle Eastern banks are filled with Hindus, eg Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank CFO and Head of Consumer Banking are both Hindus (lol).

Why Moloch and Mammon agree that women should work for wages

(or why businesses support Prog Workplace Feminism)

Women working for wages has been a scourge of our times. It has led to destruction of untold families and has brought up generations of maladaptive children. I will not rehash the social/family arguments against female wageslavery here. I often see businesses of the Vaishya kind (unconverged by Prog, dedicated to making money) also engaged in aggressively promoting working women, and many reaction-aligned intellectuals fail to see the problem with this. Here I will make the economic argument about why "Capitalists" seem hand-in-glove to progressives in promoting working women (at long-term detriment to society).

Status quo ante

The man of the family is the sole breadwinner, his wife handles all domestic responsibilities. This is a state of stable equilibrium that sustains itself indefinitely, and societies have a tendency to return to this formula after any major upheaval.

Determination of market-clearing wage

Wages, as with anything else, are determined by supply and demand of labour. Low labour supply will tend to drive wages up, while a labour glut will tend to drive wages down. A good Vaishyacrat (Capitalist) will seek to drive down wages as far as possible, to increase value for himself/shareholders. This, of course, fails to account for negative externalities to society, which are controlled by the King in power, via the priests serving his State Religion.

To drive wages down, there must either be a significant increase in labour supply, a decrease in labour demand (corresponding to low production or increased automation) or both. The "problem" with automation is that although it nominally decreases the labour demand per product made/per service given, what actually happens is that the greatly increased product/service supply is accompanied by a lower per-unit price, swamped by an equal increase in demand[1]. This is why the fears of the Industrial Revolution causing mass labour unemployment turned out to be unfounded, and Industry has, if anything, greatly increased labour demand. So automation is not a good means to drive down wages.

The Vaishyacrat then turns to labour supply — if it can be increased, then surely wages would come down! There are two conventional ways to increase labour supply — increasing population, or increasing immigration. Traditionally, immigration has been fraught with political risk, and wise sovereigns restricted it to the bare minimum needed to provide some product/service completely unavailable locally. This is the first point of agreement between Mammon and Moloch. The Prog considers immigration a sacrament to destroy his hated enemy, promoting unlimited immigration at all skill levels as a good in itself. The Vaishyacrat sees a golden opportunity to hit two birds with one stone: appease the Prog Brahmins in power as well as drive down wages. This has been the modus operandi of Bill Gates, for example. This forms the basis for the entire H1B slave industry[2].

The second way — increasing population — is the Dharmic, eusocial way to increase wealth, and is always permitted and encouraged by wise Kings. Higher population increases the number of taxpayers, farmers, and potential soldiers, so is a win for the King. This is derided by Mammonites as the "Hindu rate of growth."

Unfortunately, this is not enough for a Vaishyacrat (who has abandoned Dharma for Mammon). Whether through population growth (eusocial) or immigration (antisocial), labour supply is increased through a greater number of individuals in the market. These individuals are also consumers, so by their mere presence they increase demand for goods and services proportionate to their contribution to the labour force. In the absence of socialistic/redistributive state loot, these forces tend to balance out and average labour costs remain relatively constant (inflation-adjusted). This is why "strict border controls" and the like were not needed in ancient times — life in Ujjain was no better than life in your village, in subjective terms, and labour migration was a self-limiting phenomenon. Thus remained society for millenia.

Squaring the circle of Lower Labour Costs

In effect, what is needed to reduce labour costs for Vaishyacrats is a significant increase in the workforce without a corresponding increase in consumption. And Mammon found the answer in Moloch — Feminism. Historically, it’s not as if women were physically restrained from working — they did work, but working for wages was considered extremely low-status, and reflected very poorly on the woman and her husband both. As such, wage labour was limited to those in dire poverty, which, in a just society, is only the result of some catastrophe or misfortune. There was a study about female workforce participation in India, that found that women and men were almost equally matched in tasks requiring menial labour, but as socio-economic outcomes improved, female workforce participation decreased rather than increase (as expected by Feminism). Clearly, a working wife was a hit to the social status of a couple, and as soon as the dire need was overcome, the wife removed herself from employment. Which exploded the peabrains of Feminists, but still.

Feminism made female wageslavery high status, and suddenly there were women competing for the same jobs as men, with average consumption either slightly increasing or holding still. Increased consumption because a working wife needed more resources (transport, materials, clothes), and the entire family consumed more (no/less home cooking, mending, sewing, gardening) — which was balanced by a decrease in consumption due to lack/lower number of children. Although it seems counter-intuitive, a family with children consumes at a much higher rate than a barren[3] couple. It’s just that most of their consumption goes into staples and essentials while the barrens splurge on luxury/discretionary/conspicuous consumption. Over time, the total consumption decreases, and increased workforce participation by women can theoretically double the labour availability — leading to a precipitous fall in wages within a generation. The Vaishyacrats’ dream is finally achieved! In real terms, a "two-income" household earns the same or lower amount in actual terms than a "one-income" household of a generation ago, and the treadmill is sustained by womens’ need for status that is now conferred by "job" and "salary" rather than "husband," "house," "car," "family."

The unholy union of Mammon and Moloch has achieved what Mammon or Moloch alone could not. This is why Vaishyacrats are so gung-ho in promoting Feminism and other degeneracy — it is the price they pay for more profits. This is also why "hitting them in the wallets" is a stupid, foolish idea. Moloch gives them far, far, more profits than you or I can ever challenge by "boycotts." They have even moved beyond women to a class of hyperconsumers — sodomites and tranners. Lacking the emotional need for children that women feel at some age, these are simple consumption machines, working their days out, fueled by cocaine, consuming like there’s no tomorrow (because a lot of them really do have very short lives — whether due to GRIDS or suicide).

What to do

On a broad societal scale? Nothing. This was a priestly attack using Vaishyacrats’ weakness, and as such can only be countermanded by a priestly counter-attack. I’m providing an example memetic tool. The objective is to reinforce the fact that working wife is low-status for husband and wife both.

  1. For husband: As people in dire poverty know, women must work brick kilns or construction sites or menial office jobs where they are pressurised and harassed by evil men. Surely a good husband would protect his wife from such trials and tribulations all for the sake of money. Unspoken: he’s getting cucked by the boss.

  2. For wife: Look at Sheela’s husband! He earns so much that he told Sheela to stop working and rest, take up her hobbies and passions! I wish all women had husbands like that!

  3. For unmarried girls: There are two kinds of prospective grooms who look for a working wife, either needy, or greedy. In either case, they’ll exert pressure on the girl to earn more, in order to satisfy family needs beyond the ability of the husband, or due to greed of the husband. What girl would marry a needy poorfag!? Such low-status! What girl would marry such a greedy bastard!? What will he sell the wife’s kidneys next like those drug addicts we see in the movies? Such low-status!

  4. For unmarried boys: Girls may say they want love, but they actually want status. Have you ever seen a rich girl marrying a poorfag? The poorfag will give them all the time they want and will dote on them, but they don’t marry him. If you are dependent on your wife for money, she’ll never respect you. You should earn enough for a family, and only marry a girl who acknowledges that.

Customise as needed. Happy hacking!

[1] Alternatively, decrease in price of a product enables purchase of a second product that was not otherwise selling, thus increasing total demand. This is formalised in economics as Say’s Law: Supply creates its own demand.

[2] H1B is "less holy" for progs because H1B slaves are bound to return to their home country, with little/no paths to citizenship. This compromise was worked out when Vaishyacrats were serving Machiavellian politicians like Bill Clinton, not out and out holiness spiralling progs. Unlimited Mexican/Arab immigration is more to their liking.

[3] I use the traditional term "barren" for childlessness because it reinforces the low-status conferred.

India under Squeeze

For the past couple of months there has been saturation coverage of India’s “COVID second wave” in media, especially international media. This is the view from the ground.


When Donald Trump was ignominiously booted from the White House, it was an ominous sign of what was about to come. While the KamalJoe administration was busy for some time putting out internal fires (or stoking them, as the case may be), it was only a matter of time before they turned their gaze outwards. That time is now. Worth mentioning is that it is not just India whose enemies have been emboldened and empowered, but also Israel, for example. I’m sure Russia’s turn will come soon.

An Ashwamedha Yagya

In old Hindu times, a Chakravarti Samrat[1] would, from time to time, or after quelling a challenger, perform a ceremony called the Ashwamedha Yagya, which, if successfully completed, would show his complete command of his Empire. In it, a ritual horse was prepared, decorated with royal insignias, and let loose upon the land, with a small team of scouts following it. People were obliged to give the horse right of way and feed it, but it was otherwise left to its own devices. Especially prohibited was anyone claiming the horse and tying it down, which was tantamount to declaration of war against the Chakravarti Samrat. Any King whose land the horse travelled through, who fed the horse, acknowledged that he paid tribute to the Chakravarti, and the horse went its merry way.

There were three possibilities for the yagya to stop:

  1. After wandering far and wide the horse either returned by itself, or reached the sea. The yagya was considered successfully completed, and some sources say that the horse was then sacrificed to the gods, and everyone partook of the prasada.
  2. Someone unknowingly captured the horse. In this case, the scouts were to inform the captors of the special nature of the horse, and offer a chance (but only one chance) to repent and accept the sovereignty of the Chakravarti. Often the capture was done out of ignorance and the captors immediately relented, and the Chakravarti gained an ally. The horse was then set free and the yagya continued.
  3. Someone knowingly and willfully captured the horse. This was considered a direct challenge to the suzerainty of the Chakravarti, and Dharma commanded him to meet it with decisive action, upto and including mass slaughter of the captors and their overlords.

So why am I mentioning this history? Patience, dear reader. All will be clear.

India’s nuclear umbrella – what is it good for?

India is considered a nuclear power (by itself). Our nukes almost certainly work, and we have short-notice delivery capability anywhere in our region. This should make us safe from unwanted aggression, right? Not quite. You see, we have failed (and are failing) to capitalise on our nuclear umbrella. We are widely seen as a responsible nuclear (non-)power, meaning that we lack the guts to actually use our nukes. The difference between Kim Jong Un and Modi is that Kim can be expected to actually use his nukes, but Modi cannot[2]. In that case, Modi might not have any nukes at all as far as enemies are concerned. The only force behind a nuclear umbrella is fear, and Modi doesn’t command that. India’s nuclear umbrella might as well not exist[3].

America’s Ashwamedha Yagya

On 9th April 2021 it was reported that a US Navy Destroyer, USS John Paul Jones, conducted a “Freedom of Navigation Operation,” which is what America calls its Ashwamedha Yagyas. While anti-China operations get a lot of good press, this operation was different because it was conducted in Indian influence zone (legally the Indian “Exclusive Economic Zone”). Technically the operation was outside India’s “Territorial Waters” (coastal zone) but was well within the Indian zone of influence, near the Lakshadweep Islands in the Indian Ocean, and deliberately so[4]. India claims to not allow any military activity inside its EEZ. US decided to test that claim. Modi was faced with a very hard choice, and I believe he was too shocked to even respond, which is why the entire thing passed off peacefully with nary a peep and American cock firmly in Indian mouth.

The correct response, allowing for nuclear preparedness levels, would have been to gently but firmly point out to the US ship that it was “mistakenly” off path, and the Freedom of Mistaken Navigation would be swiftly corrected on the spot. If not, the ship’s navigation equipment would be deemed faulty and she could have been docked in an Indian port pending American inspection and repairs before they led her away for navigational correction. After all, helping friends’ troubled ships is what friends do, right?[5] My assessment is that the US was only testing the waters (heh), maintaining plausible deniability, by only sending a (non carrier) single ship, and that too at a relatively far 130 nautical mile range. If they were serious they would’ve sent the full seventh fleet (like they did in 1971) or at least a group (not counting submarine escorts that were almost certainly there).

India’s actual response was pathetic[6] — first they tried to ignore the whole thing (and it got buried in domestic media) even as the US Navy crowed about it on their official website[7]. Then it was a “rare diplomatic protest.[8]” Pfft! I can barely stifle my laughter! Indians are still playing Little League, and are definitely not big boys. USA walked it back a bit, saying the ship was just making “innocent passage,” but re-iterated US commitment to challenge India’s “excessive” maritime claims. Suspiciously like an Ashwamedha horse, methinks.

For USA at least, the Indian nuclear umbrella does not exist.

COVID Capers

With the US Navy foiling Indian State power, Soros NGOs and media traitors began their assault[9,10]. Given the average Indian citizen’s low IQ and vulnerability to priestly attack (called “conspiracy theories”), it was easy to create a mindset that “COVID” is a fake disease, we Indians have “super immunity” and such. There was Kumbh going on (huge gathering of Hindus), and also the festival of Holi in late March, coupled with village committee elections in states including UP, and of course the all important election in West Bengal. Anti-Hindu-festival signaling is common in the media[11], so it was perceived as no different this time. Add to it the general ineptitude of Hindu priests and politicians who get media attention (a Hindu priest will only be highlighted if he says something stupid). This stressed the Indian healthcare system, but mass vaccination was already going on, so what could possibly go wrong? The biggest fear even by mid April was of another lockdown, which was fed by the media, indicating narrative confusion till that point.[12]

America Attacks (the Vaccines)

Just as Indian vaccine manufacturers were ramping up production of Covishield (Oxford-AstraZeneca) and Covaxin (traditional/inactivated virus, Indian made) in expectation of mass deployment, Kamaljoe invoked US Defense Act to put the kibosh on them[13]. You see, for all the “atmanirbhar” (self-reliant) memes by Modi, Indian pharmas were importing a lot of components for vaccine manufacture from the USA. While the active ingredients in the vaccines themselves are made in India, adjuvants are imported. An example of short-sightedness by VaxiVaishyas — Indian alternatives were available but the vaccines were developed and tested with US imports because they were cheaper (and unlimited supply, considering Trumpenfuhrer was still in power). Re-certifying with alternatives, once the US tap was suddenly shut off, would take at least six months, so this hit India where it hurt the most. Well played, Kamaljoe! After much hemming and hawing (and cutting off India’s crucial defence at the knees), US somewhat halfheartedly declared that it would send “raw materials” to India, which could actually mean stockpiles of US vaccines that no-one else would buy (especially AstraZeneca, which is not approved in the US itself)[14]. I wonder when these magic ingredients would reappear and if COVID wouldn’t have passed again. Serves us right for trusting USA.

Grassroots propaganda/sabotage (Blood for the Democracy God)

Despite best efforts to sabotage the recovery, Indian casualty rates are still quite low (despite inflation in the official “COVID deaths”). Not ludicrously, unbelievably low like 2020 (when more Fascistic means were deployed for containment), but still low relative to the huge population at risk. Even lockdowns this time are regional, and time-limited, with services and transport flow maintained. This is clearly not a crisis that could win elections for anyone, let alone the traitor brigade. Enter Dirty Politics. There is an ongoing concerted effort via social media and other “unofficial” channels, to get people to refuse vaccination, refuse testing, and even refuse treatment in early stages. While this was present in 2020 too, it was low-status signalling and ineffective as a result. This time the message is on point, and a leading politician in UP has even called the vaccines “BJP vaccine,” and exhorted his followers to not take it. I sense the money of Soros behind it this time, because the sheer quality of the propaganda is very high, much higher than 2020. The plan is simple: convince a number of people to not get vaccination (using US propaganda as a guide), convert the fear of vaccination into a fear of taking simple medications for COVID (no relief of symptoms), and a number of people (not just proles, but middle class) get increasingly convinced that hospitalisation will kill them and thus they live in denial about symptoms, not getting tested till it is very late and breathing becomes hard. At that point it’s a mad rush for medical oxygen[15], ventilators, and hospital ICU beds (never mind that these same people were advising everyone that hospital = 100% death, talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy). Leading to some spectacular scenes of death and suffering porn, dutifully telecast by the media.

Even then, cure/recovery rate in Indian COVID hospitals is very high (more than 75% and increasing), so it could present a dangerous fact against the narrative[16]. For every patient who dies due to alleged lack of oxygen/medicine (all of which are completely useless according to the same media/WHO, etc), there are 3-5 more who get better and return home. Guess who is seen in media interviews? I have never seen a recovered COVID patient on TV for more than a few seconds, if at all. I have seen lots of heartfelt messages from these people to their treating doctors and staff, expressing “lifelong gratitude” — none of which got to TV. TV/media coverage is completely zoomed-in on the small fraction who die. This is nothing but a nation-scale psyop that increases fear and tries to boost casualties in time for the crucial election in UP next year.

The bottom line

Stay at home, take all basic precautions, research vaccines available to you and get one if possible. Don’t go by US propaganda — there are a lot of idiots in America too. Indian vaccines are massively field-proven over the past several months, and there are no significant short-term adverse effects (which is why a fake anti-vaccine campaign is now being concocted). Even Covishield has proven effective in decreasing severity of disease. Most importantly, do not give in to fear, watch for any flu-like symptoms and get tested if feeling ill, the earlier the better. Most COVID cases detected early get cured while at home using simple medications. Also, everyone, please make it a point to give your custom to at least one capable doctor who you share everything with — hiding illness won’t make it better. A family doctor can easily identify and rectify a lot of problems without you having to go the corporate/Government Big Medicine route.

Bharat is under Squeeze. It is time you squeezed back. Jai Shri Ram!

[1] Emperor

[2] I realise that this the actual reason for Kim Jong Un’s persona as “crazy” or “unhinged.” He’s clearly not crazy or unhinged, as he manages his nation quite competently, but he has to maintain a constant threat of him ordering nuclear strikes in an “unhinged” way at any time — which maintains his nuclear deterrent.

[3] Not entirely accurate — China, and especially Pakistan, tread carefully.


[5] Forget about USS Liberty




[9] Note that their primary respondent is a Muslim doctor from Kerala, the state that has almost exterminated Hindus.


[11] Covid: India’s festival season doesn’t stop for coronavirus

[12] India second Covid wave: Migrant workers fear another lockdown

[13] US, EU’s vaccine nationalism hits Indian pharmas’ ramp up plans hard

[14] The U.S. will send vaccine materials and other supplies to India, officials say.

[15] Which “shortages” are completely a result of socialist economics to which Indian politics is wedded.

[16] I salute Indian doctors and healthcare. They don’t make them like this in the British Empire anymore.

All Hail the Tendieman!

Just a quick post about a part of the $GME/WSB saga. The theme song! It’s absolutely magnificent. Give it a listen here:

More importantly, if any American readers are here, please buy it from the artist!

I’ve not had a similar emotional response to a song for a long time, and reminded me of some online events I was part of, years ago. Of course, I didn’t have any money back then so did things differently. I was an autist then and am an autist now, but crucially, now I do have money. This whole saga bears numerous paw-prints of my former comrades-in-arms. This is exactly what I would’ve done if an American. Us former NEETS really did good. Again. (wipes away single manly tear from eye) 💎🙌

Edit: I’m not invested in any $GME lol. It’s just not worth to invest in US stocks from India, unless for a large-enough amount to make the onerous compliance and regulations worthwhile.

Usury, mortgage, and Sharia law Part 1

Rectification of names

Usury is a term that tends to be bandied about by politicians and ideologues of all stripes, though it has markedly declined in usage after Jewry gained power post-WWII, because, for better or worse, "usurer" has come to be a synonym for "Jew." When I claimed that "Reserve banking system" is worse than usury on Jim’s blog, it caused an interesting discussion that revealed to me that we were not actually using the same concepts when we mentioned "usury." The following is my understanding of the term and related concepts. I will attempt to derive the relationships from first concepts. In this way I will also achieve clarity in my mind.

Land: the original Capital

If Ram holds a piece of land, he is entitled to anything he may grow on it, and is entitled to the gains made by selling such produce. These gains account for three components, each essential to production, viz:

  1. Resources used, such as seeds, tools, fertiliser, etc.
  2. Effort spent on tilling, sowing, watering, fertilising, and harvesting
  3. Land itself.

The first of these is easy to account for, as resources have to be acquired for cost. The second and third are harder. What’s to separate the intrinsic value of land itself from the labour of tilling it? As obviously as no crop can be produced without land, equally no crop can be produced without the effort of tilling it. This question becomes moot if Ram owns the land and tills it himself.

Farming: much more than tilling

There are a lot of crucial decisions to be made about farming, starting from which seeds to sow and when, when and how to irrigate, when and how to apply which pesticides/insecticides/weedicides, best method to ensure high yield, most efficient harvesting techniques, etc. Ram is a good farmer, and he assiduously studies the conditions of his farm, weather patterns, and accounts for uncertainty in product and sale. Over time, he is blessed with high yields and a surplus income. He invests his surplus into increasing yields of his farm by using the most modern tools and capital-intensive farming, that greatly amplifies his yields still. Ultimately he builds a large surplus.

On the other hand are other farmers Shyam, Mohan, and Rajesh. They work hard, but they don’t grasp the nuances of farming quite as well, and as a result live on subsistence-level yields for long periods. When crisis strikes, whether flood or disease, they teeter on the brink of starvation. Farming is clearly not the right vocation for them. They go to Ram, and request him for guidance on how to farm so that they may also get high yields. Ram knows that one technique isn’t enough, and land must be managed and improved continuously. So Ram asks them for control over the entire land, to be used and disposed as he alone sees fit, and the others to become tenants, working as directed by Ram. In this way, Ram’s efficient farming now spreads to four times the earlier area, and the total yields are now much, much higher than before. The tenants receive their share of the yield, which is much more than they could grow by themselves, while Ram receives the remainder.


The shares of Shyam, Mohan and Rajesh are dubbed wages while the share of Ram, is rent. Ram thus becomes the first zamindar, or landlord. The system as described is efficient, fair, and moral.

Marxists Attack

AgriMarxists posit that Ram is, of course, an evil kulak zamindar who deserves death (or at least dispossession) and land should be distributed to the tillers. This fails to take into account that Ram’s superior land-holdings are a result of his superior farming ability; Shyam, Mohan, and Rajesh also earn more in wages than they would by themselves; and that total food supply is greatly increased by Ram’s most efficient management of the whole land. Unfortunately, this obvious truth is invisible to our Marxist overlords and their incompetent clients who currently pose as "farmers." Actually it is not invisible at all, but pretending otherwise is essential for their politics of weaponised envy. This is also why AgriMarxism inevitably results in famine, whether in USSR or Cambodia.

AgriMarxist India

India is somewhat unique because AgriMarxism (under the Orwellian term "land-reform"), while started in earnest by Nehru in 1947 (with the resultant food shortages), was halted by Lal Bahadur Shastri, a gem of a man, by 1964. The latter also emphasised the use of modern technological agriculture, and brought M.S. Swaminathan’s Green Revolution back home. These measures halted destruction and have served India well till now, but the fundamental AgriMarxist problem remains: land remains trapped in inefficient production, the "landowners" become more and more impoverished, while efficient farmers are prevented from increasing their landholdings or obtaining capital to bring more overall production. Village economy is completely destroyed as a result. The "self-sufficient village" of Gandhian dreams has become a nightmare dependent upon Govt dole for existence, and the largest vote-bank in the country. Which is par for the course of any "democracy."

Coronaplague and 5G

Turd in the punch bowl

I read some discussion over at Jim’s blog about discrediting inconvenient truths by surrounding them with obvious and blatant ridiculousness, thus enabling dismissal of the whole thing as a "conspiracy theory," rendering the truth kernels harmless. This is the "turd in the punch bowl" mechanism, where the truth (punch) is made noxious by the addition of a turd in the bowl (insane "conspiracy theory"). This turd-punch is then broadcast by Cathedral megaphones, causing anyone who listens to the original truth to immediately associate it with the "conspiracy theory" and dismiss it. Mission accomplished for the Cathedral.

Was there ever a link between 5G and corona?

When the Coronaplague thing was getting started in Europe, I remember seeing some troubling news reports that Coronaplague infection clusters were forming in areas that were in the process of installing, or had recently installed, 5G networking equipment. Add to this the fact that, over the previous year, China’s surprising lead in 5G-technology platforms had caught the Atlantic Empire with its pants down, and various Fiveeyes and satellites were considering banning or restricting Chinese 5G suppliers, Huawei in particular, on "national security" grounds. Canada even went as far as arresting Huawei’s princess Meng Wanzhou.(1) India is guilty of this too, but for us China actually is a national security concern.

So the thought was in my mind that since the Chinese were the source of Coronaplague, and since Chinese companies were at the forefront of, or highly involved in, 5G installations, it was likely that those sites could emerge as Coronaplague hot-spots. Chinese workers carrying Coronaplague had been allowed to work on international sites, while China itself had a domestic travel ban. What a scandal!

5G -> Chinese company -> Chinese workers -> Coronaplague

The thing is so obvious it speaks for itself. We can argue all day long whether China deliberately sent Coronaplague-infected workers to install/supervise 5G or whether this was just honest incompetence on their part, but the result was the same: coronaplague in newly-5Gfied areas. The punch was complete. And it tasted like logic.

Attack of The Turd

Of course the Mandarins couldn’t let this be! Out comes the turd: a gaggle of shills started the story that 5G itself causes coronaplague due to some insane mumbo-jumbo about radiation and the immune system. It reminded me of all those people getting cancer from power lines. It was endorsed by at least one "Nobel" laureate (an Atlantic shill if there was ever one) no less.(2) This turd-y story was then put on full blast by "alternative media" shills, and greatly amplified by Cathedral megaphones through ridicule. The entire issue became so radioactive that mere mention of coronaplague and 5G in the same sentence became enough to subject one to ridicule. Definitely low-status to believe 5G radiation causes coronaplague. Please ignore those Chinese 5G towers that magically appeared overnight and were definitely not installed by Chinamen, especially not by coronaplague infected Chinamen. That’s just a conspiracy theory. And it is also racist.

The brain-rot was so deep that even Jim’s commenters were circumspect about the 5G -> Coronaplague link. See? I did it again!

Congratulations to whoever executed this marvellous disinfo op. You’re a legend!

Why I don’t post much about Indian politics

A dissident right view on Indian politics is impossible within the Indian Constitutional frame. As much as the American “Constitution” is worthless garbage written by disloyal traitors and proto-SJWs (“All men are created equal?” Really!?), the Indian “Constitution” is worse in every way. It is not merely adharmic, but actively the opposite of dharmic, and fights ethics and morality every step of the way.

The fact that India is able to run, as a country, at all, is because of the deep roots that Dharma has in our blood, and blood is thicker than ink. This is similar to how the USA was able to become the greatest country in the world despite an idiotic “Constitution” because of its reliance on Anglo constitution (with a small ‘c’) based in English Law.

As such, any politics within the Constitutional structure is destined to be evil and adharmic, and only evil and adharmic men can be expected to succeed at it. Some are less evil than others, but all are in the same boat. Even Modi recognised this fact very early on that it is actually impossible to have a workable family life and succeed in Indian politics, so had to throw out his wife to reduce his liabilities. While his gamble was successful, he made an extreme personal sacrifice in not having anything called “family” for himself, and will die alone. Modi, Vajpayee, even Yogi, are all in the same boat. This kind of kamikaze resistance for the sake of only slowing down the leftist onslaught is absolutely not going to accomplish anything in the long run.

If you are from a Hindu elite caste (by mind, even if not by birth), the best thing you can do is breed. Produce 4 kids, and plant the seeds of dharma in their mind. If you feel you can do nothing, just pray to Shri Ram, let others take the lead, and just don’t help the enemy.

I keep quiet on Indian politics because to be truthful I have to criticise Modi and Yogi time and time again. If this were not Kaliyuga, that criticism would be taken constructively for the betterment of society. But since this is Kaliyuga, my criticism will be used by the enemies of Bharat to attack Modi, which I’m not willing to let happen. Modi is a million times better than his alternative. But then again, if I unconditionally support Modi I’m surrounded by the despicable swine right, who are basically Marxists who hate Muslims. Their dream is of a Marxist Utopia for them rather than for miscellaneous Muslims, other castes, etc. Rather like “white supremacist” losers in the USA. So I mostly just keep to myself.

Jai Shree Ram.

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